May 14, 2012

A Big, Fat, Greek Wedding

My husband was best man in the largest wedding I have ever been to in my life, and I have been to large Greek weddings before. There were 550 people at the reception and 24 members of the wedding party. I believe the proper term is Ginormous. With that said, they are perfect for each other and we had a blast. I had to wear flats for 3 days at work because my feet needed to recover from the dancing.

Here are some photos I was able to take during the festivities.

Awesome chandelier in the church, edited with Instagram (follow me! at sincerelys)

Pam was so beautiful. She was crying coming down the isle and everyone was in tears before she even reached the altar.

Glimpse of the massive bridal party and the perfect dress for her

First steps as husband and wife!!

Being crowned together as king and queen of their household under God. "What God has joined, let no man seperate"

So lucky to have caught the first kiss!

My hubby giving his best man speech, which I did video tape. Two younger groomsmen even said he was funny- way to go honey.

Very rare image of myself and the hubby together. I mostly just post of the baby because I always feel self conscious about my appearence, however, maybe it was the yellow dress, but I felt pretty good this night.

The dates of the groomsmen. I'm in yellow.
Self shot of the two of us

The group of friends and their significant others (sans one lovely lady who retired early)

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