February 5, 2012


OMG!!!  I am currently writing from my husbands work laptop because our home computer has CRASHED!!! I am dying. The only thing I care about is all the photos. I have 1000s of pictures from forever on our computer.

Now, the good news is I did back up the pictures at one time and since we have had the baby, but I haven't backed up the pictures in at least 3 months or more, which means any and all photos of my sweet baby boys life could be gone forever!!!

We dropped it off at an IT guy and I told him, "I don't care what you can save, what you find, as long as you find and save the photos- that's it!" My husband is obviously more concerned with tax info and cost.

I may be overreacting, but I just will be sick to my stomach if I loose those pictures. I'll keep you all posted. I also won't be able to post for a while because I won't have a home computer.

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