January 1, 2012

BRING IT 2012!!!

HOW WE RANG IN 2012! At home, with steak dinner, presceco, and Noah...watching Dick Clark's (I mean Ryan Seacrest's) NYE Special.

I will never forget 2011, since that is the year I had my beautiful baby boy. I am welcoming 2012, however, with open arms. I am looking for some wonderful turn of events to take place. I am shooting for a job, my husband to get a raise or better job, and the prospects of a house, at least the beginnings of looking for one. I will also be starting my Masters (blah!) AND hopefully, finally, getting into my pre-baby pants (this 6 sizes too big crap is not fun)

In turn, I will be focusing on being a better version of myself. I want to complain less and be more prayerful. I also want to focus on my marriage and get ourselves out of this post-baby monotony.

To my beautiful son, myself, and everyone else:
 Be curious
Be pensive
Be loud
Be happy and sad all at the same time
Be generous
Be honest
Be afraid
Be musical
Be quiet
Be observant
Be wild
Be fun
 Be open
Be scientific
Be poetic
Be sweet
Be giddy
Be serious
Be smart
Be free
Be imaginative
Be powerful
(taken from a card attached to one of Noah's toys at Christmas time)

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