August 28, 2011

A Big Change

Well, tomorrow is the day. I have to leave my baby for the first time with his new babysitter. I can't believe it! My heart is aching and I feel terrible. We are going today to see her and drop off all his things. I just can't believe this is actually happening. I am going to be a sobbing mess. My first day back at work and I will be crying right along with the Kindergartners that miss their mommies. I'll just have to tell them that we are on the same boat, they miss their moms and I miss my baby :(

Ugh, Ugh, Ugh Women do this all the time and way sooner then 5 months, but it is still so hard. In my head I know everything will be okay, but my heart says, "waaaaaaaaa!"

Wish me luck!

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